About Project:

August is a Kazakh brand that creates clothes in ethnic style.  The idea of the brand is based on the interconnection of folk motifs and modern style in clothing. The brand combines the characteristic features of the style of different peoples of the world - materials, features of cut and ornaments, shades and colors.
The images attract with their originality, versatility and inspire for experiments. The mission of the brand is to reproduce the typical features of national costume in a modern image.

The logo has strong shapes and contrasts, the logo is constructed according to an innovative calligraphic principle. It demonstrates a classic approach and functionality. When used more widely, the logo expresses its craftsmanship, elegance and great simplicity. It looks great on paper as well as on the screen.

Saltanat Bektabanova

Clothing, Kazakh Wear

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Brand Identity / Firuz Kurbonzodski
Font Design / Luzi Type, Christian Gruber
Photography / Olga Chen, Karina Mukanova, Anara Issak

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Almaty, Kazakhstan.