About Project:

The best place in Dushanbe to buy beautiful and quality traditional Tajik things. Paintings, earrings, wooden plates - a long coat with embroidery and, of course, many hand-painted pomegranates. This gallery has the spirit of Tajik culture, beautiful and very unique works of art, including original paintings by the owner's father and other Tajik artists.
A combination of modern and traditional trends, handmade, and family-run.

Local Artist:

Farrukh Negmatzade (born 1959) is one of the brightest representatives of the country’s fine arts. The artist has experimented with all genres and styles of fine art: abstract (early works), nude (Green and Orange, Blue and White exhibition in 2004), and monumental (Red and Gray series reflecting the Soviet past and present of the country). Since 2005, he has painted rural landscapes, depicting rural life through the eyes of a city dweller. Significantly, this series of works—seasonal landscapes featuring individuals who look similar to cartoon characters—has become popular and enjoyed commercial success.
The naive element of childish or cartoony characters has made his signature style recognizable among the country’s art community. Looking at his paintings, one can understand how the country lives now. The artist often goes to bazaars, mosques, and kishlaks (villages) to collect material for his work. Reflecting the social situation on the ground, he rarely mixes female characters with male characters.

Farzod Negmatzade

Art Gallery, Store

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Brand Identity & Art Direction / Firuz Kurbonzodski
CG Artist / Anastasiya Kleban
Illustrator / Farukh Negmatzade

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