I collaborate, craft
& i go beyond

Hello, I am Firuz Kurbonzodski™ based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I am focus on brand identity and packaging. Together with my clients, i take a strategic approach to develop memorable, cogent and coherent brands. I believe that good design equals good business.



  • Visual Identity / Brand Strategy / Naming
  • Packaging Design / Structural Packaging Development
  • Art Direction / Editorial Design
  • Service Design / Wayfinding / Signage
  • Web Design and Photography


  • Site Inspire
  • Awwwards
  • Apple Awards
  • Computer Arts
  • Tech Crunch



Nurabis, Marbay, Avicenna, Sevendi, Honest Honey, Sabrina MOS, Seven Stroy, Emotions, Cafe Dona, Eurodent, Caucasus Honey, Aparu, Atlas Hotel, Alif Academy.